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Letting go

Yesterday I was going through brainstorming and writing different novels, looking for leads for magazine writing, and forming my website and just became overwhelmed. What used to be given to God for worship became stressful, fast paced, and overwhelming. I had this pain of overwhelmingness that i am turning 30 and haven’t been successful as …

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What if we supported our leaders?

Over the years we as a nation seemed to find ways to criticize our presidents for their shortcomings. Bill Clinton was criticized for being too sexual, George Bush was criticized for being too dumb and a bit of warmonger, And now Obama is criticized for being too young and inexperienced. We can always find ways …

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Spiritual PSI

My friend Derek and I went for a bike ride last summer. We were to meet up at a restaurant about 5 miles from my house, eat some food and then start our ride. So I gave him a call to confirm, got on my bike, and rode to our spot. It remember it was windy and …

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On July 4th 1776, America realized its independence. We as a nation matured to a point that we decided that our ideals should be separate from our governing nations. For the first time in many years of battling, we were faced with the exhilarating truth that we can exist outside of England and live as …

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Writing clothes

My plan today is to have a writing day with Elisheba to finish some scenes in Ninery-Nine. Right before we started writing she mentioned that she wanted to change into something more relaxing before sitting down and writing. Here I am sitting in my PJs and thinking about how I need to change my clothes …

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Ninety-Nine: Birthday gift

Last year on april 10th, Elisheba’s birthday, we met to finish the last part of our manuscript nintey- nine. Behind Elisheba’s back, I had a surprise party planned in celebration of her birthday and the first big milestone of our book. We invited our friends over and basked in the satisfaction of the completion and …

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What if our Shield of Faith is too small?

During the time of Rome, the legionaries were prized warriors, fearless and versatile, a formidable opponent to all that opposed Rome. In addition to their strong weapons, they would each equip a long 4-foot by two and half foot shield in which to protect themselves from flaming arrows intended weaken the battle lines. Like the …

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Crazy Street Preachers

  A couple of years ago while I was walking through downtown Eugene, I heard a man on a street corner shouting scriptures. Taken back, I turned to see an elderly man with a long beard was shouting to an empty pavilion, and of course in old King James. Oh, great!  I thought.   Here …

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No one cares about intention

I am so very embarrassed to say this took me 28 years of life to learn. Up until this point, whenever someone came to me offended by something I did, I would apologize but one of two ways. 1) Thats not what I meant, I am sorry you took it that way. 2) I am …

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Ninety-Nine: Writing with a new mother

During the writing process, Elisheba would often slip and call our book Ninety-Nine her Book”. It would always frustrated me. It is her story, most of the characters are formed from her life, and all what makes the book beautiful and readable is hers, but I also added my heart to it and feel that …

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