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Advocate: New writing

Amanda and I skyped yesterday about the book we are working on named Advocate. We talked about how she could not stop writing and thinking about it, but realized that sharing our work is scary. It is scary, when we write it is a piece of us that just came out and its slimy and …

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I Tried to be Selfless!

I tried to be selfless with God, but it didn’t work. I just received a raise today, another full dollar, and this is after continual bonuses and raises over the last couple months. I wanted to thank Him for being so amazing so I took a break and went for a walk to praise Him. …

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Growing Pains

A sixth grader told me today that he does not have time to do anything fun anymore. Sixth grade. I wanted to lecture him on how life will get a lot harder and if he is overwhelmed now, well he has a lot to learn… But then God showed me that this was his reality, …

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Ninety-Nine: The right fit

I’m a community focused person. In my opinion, most activities are better experienced with other people, including writing. With Ninety Nine, I’d bounce ideas off my friends and family as it formed in my head. I’d say it was just collaborating, but honesty I knew it was a story I couldn’t write on my own. …

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Lifestyle of an Overcomer.

Why do some people seem to have an easy life while others struggle? There are those who seem to be showered with favor, while others seem to fight for everything they have. They fail over and over again. They fall down, get back up, and fall again. Once an enemy is defeated in one area, it often …

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The Prophetic Airbag Label by Jennifer Owen

This is a revelation that my friend Jennifer Owen had by reading an Airbag label in her car. First I will post the original label and then replace the words to make the message come alive 🙂 “You could be more seriously injured in a COLLISION if you rely on the AIRBAG alone for restraint. …

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Are you under siege?

Inspired Pastor Joshua Rivas, Christ’s Center Church. (Published in LIVE magazine, January 2014) In 1941, Hitler set out to conquer Russia in his campaign for fascism. The German army was mobilized to take the city of Leningrad and then attempt to defeat Moscow, in their strategic assault against the Soviet Union. On September 8th 1941, …

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Ninety-Nine: The number

It is interesting how the most mundane things in the world can invoke emotions in people lives, like someone’s smile, or a song, or even just a thought. On December 25, 1999, I remember thinking more about the main character of Ninety-Nine the as I rode in the back of my friends car. What would …

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The Upward Spiral

How many times have we felt like we live our lives from one spiritual high to the next? At times touching the heart of God, and other times living for ourselves? There are times we have moments of clarity, revival conferences, church camps, or just fantastic mornings. In these times, we feel that nothing can …

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Ninety-Nine: Beginnings

A little while ago, I embarked on a new writing journey with a co-author to write the story Ninety-Nine. It is a long process and I am excited to see where it goes. The idea for ninety-nine started on december 17th 1999 on my trip to go see my father who, at that point I …

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