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We are going to Africa!

So we are in the car heading to Portland. Our flight is leaving tomorrow and I am getting excited! I am praying for divine appointments and for spiritual gifting to be prevalent. I am excited for what God is going to do there, but I am also feeling that there is going to be a …

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Trip to North Africa

I have the amazing opportunity to go and serve the people of Africa. The student group that I am a part of, NCM, is gathering eager students together for a missions trip to North Africa. We plan to teach the local children important skills that will better them and their family. We also have a …

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ohhh how he loves us!

Ohhh how he Loves Us! Current mood: indescribable Have you ever thought what it means to be totally and completely enthralled by God, to break past the fronts we put on to show others how together we are. I am a wreck, completely broken but never felt the love of God as strong as I …

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Break Shallowness

I am frustrated with living an average life. For a while now I have been feeling like except for a few most of my friends, my relationships are lacking energy, like the engine missing from a car. People always look to me as the guy who has all the friends, but I don’t feel that’s …

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When I stapled my finger

Have you ever done something that you regretted? Well I did. I was a curious child, I loved exploring new areas and finding new things. During my adventures I built things like forts and treehouses. Sometimes out of wood but sometimes out of things that were just laying around. One day when I was about …

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