When I stapled my finger

Have you ever done something that you regretted? Well I did.

I was a curious child, I loved exploring new areas and finding new things. During my adventures I built things like forts and treehouses. Sometimes out of wood but sometimes out of things that were just laying around.

One day when I was about five years old, I remember setting off on another one of my adventures. I don’t remember if I was a pirate looking for gold, a ninja creeping through a forest or a seafarer charting a new territory, but I do remember that I was excited.

I turned the corner and my heart skipped a beat. There in front of me high on the end table of my living room sat a forbidden treasure. There it was my mother’s shiny red stapler and no one was in sight. I could almost hear my mother’s words echo in my head “Jess, don’t go near that” So what did I do? thats right, I crept over closer and closer, there it laid before me sparking in the sunlight.

I placed my finger on the metal part wondering what it would feel like if I pushed down.

Without thinking, I slowly pushed on the top, harder and harder until the metal shard pushed out into my skin.

I screamed and my mom rushed in to help pull it out. I felt completely silly, but learned parents may have some wisdom. 🙂