Village Ministry

Missions - Mexico - Villiage Ministry 1

The dust didn’t bother me as it blew through our old grey 15-passenger-van. We were on our way to share food, clothing, and Jesus with the villages surrounding the orphanage. My team was packed in the van and every bump in the road sent us flying into each other like a carnival ride. I couldn’t believe the staff drove around like this weekly, It was a lot of fun and totally worth it, but certainly nauseating at the same time.

When we reached our first village The van horn is blew like a bull horn announcing our arrival. In addition to the kids already playing outside, more little children poured out of the makeshift building and ran beside our van, some clothed, some not, but all very dirty. When we stopped, I exited the van with an overwhelmed smile on my face as the kids swarmed around me, I felt like a celebrity! I gave out hugs, food, and did my best to blow up balloon animals; many of them received “snakes”. I looked to my friend Luke who seemed to be handling the chaos better than me. Our job was to “play with the kids” which was so amazing.

A little bit later, another team set up tables to hand out cups of milk and spoonful’s of peanut butter to the kids and their parents all around the village. Shortly after we set up a white bed sheet and played a Jesus movie in Spanish. By my standards, the movie seemed really cheesy, but the kids were mesmerized! I was certainly humbled. I have soMissions - Mexico - Villiage Ministry 2 much in my life and yet I am not enthralled by Jesus like these villagers were over a armature Jesus movie. After the movie, we played some more games, sang some praise songs, and left with the kids chasing after us, thanking us. Thank you God for your goodness!

After traveling around to various villages doing the same thing, we returned back to the orphanage where we gathered around the campfire and sang songs to Jesus. This place is so magical. These kids are so great and loving. I am so happy I got to come here for my first mission trip; I know my life will be changed.