The Foundation


Missions - Mexico - Foundation 1Today was spent doing my part laboring to lay a concrete foundation. It was unclear what it would be used for, but it seems as if the orphanage is at its capacity as is, so another room would be greatly beneficial. They asked for “fuerte” men, so of course I had to volunteer, little did I know it would be one of the best experiences of my life.

Our team showed up early morning to join other teams already in progress. At first, I stood back to observe and get a feel for what was to happen. I saw a bunch of men on their hands and knees leveling the recently poured concrete. Afterward the guy who pored the concrete circled back towards a pile of dirt and a mixer where two people one by one shoveled the dirt into. They alternated counting up to thirty scoops of dirt, the the water and bagMissions - Mexico - Foundation 2 of concrete was added and mixed together. As soon as the wheel barrel guy returned, it was ready to be poured and the whole thing started over again. It was most impressive.

My job was to shovel dirt. For eight hours and little breaks, I stood on a pile of dirt with another guy counting off one

by one 30 scoops of dirt into each mixture. That was it, that was all I did, one seemingly insignificant part of the greater whole. But as I stood there for eight hours, shoveling my dirt, I watched as the another person added water to the mixer, another added concrete, and like clockwork the wheel barrel guy showed up right on time to get the mixture poured in and off to the guys leveling the foundation. I stood for eight hours doing one simple task and watched a masterful foundation form.
It reminded me of the body of Christ. How each of us have our seemingly small part sometimes in the greater body, but we are incredibility valuable. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you” just like the guys leveling the concrete cannot say “I have no need of dirt”. No we all worked together perfectly to complete one task, and it was beautiful.

Missions - Mexico - Foundation 3