Would you punch someone to heal them?


punchingIt was a leisurely day so couple of us decided to go out prayer walking around the streets of Fiji. After praying for a few people we passed by this one elderly man who was hunched over and holding his back. One of our team members spotted him and decided to go over and talk with him. He asked him his name, what he did, and the basic stuff and then asked if he would like to have prayer for his back. The man said yes. Everybody prayed normal prayers for the man’s back to be healed but nothing was happening. Then seemingly out of nowhere, Daniel, one of our team members balled up his fist and punch the man square in the stomach. Everybody was shocked. Moments later the man stood up and his back was completely healed.



When we all regrouped later that night Daniel told the story about how he had a picture of the Holy Spirit punching them in the stomach and how it seemed like he was telling him to do the same. I couldn’t believe his courage to actually do it! It reminded me of the time when Jesus spit in the dirt turning it to mud and rubbing it on a mans eyes to heal him. That was strange, so whats wrong with pushing someone if the holy spirit is leading! Daniel said he was absolutely afraid to do so but he was obedient and God moved miraculously because of it.



It’s so cool how God can use us in the strangest ways as long as we listen to him. I don’t know if God gave me a picture of punching someone if I would do it or not, I hope I would. This certainly increased my faith!