Secret Code Words

Code WordsHave you ever thought about what it truly means to be a part of Gods family? In China, we are kinda forced to, in a good way. Because it is a closed nation, missionaries are not allowed to evangelize so we had to be extra careful with our mission, especially in the words we used and our mannerisms. Whenever we prayed, we kept our eyes opened, and acted like we were just having a conversation with each other. We would use words like Dad instead of God, Brothers and sisters instead of Christians, and Family instead of Church. Every time we prayed for other people using our codewords it was like we were actually praying to expand our family!

We used codewords solely to help us fly under the governmental radar but it had a very powerful side effect. We found ourselves asking for more love for our brothers and sisters, and asking dad to help us bring more brothers and sisters into our family. It was so beautiful, we are a family, but in America we use such formal words it sometimes loses its meaning! We really are a family and we really have brothers and sisters that are lost and need to be adopted in. Upon returning to the states I really want to continue talking like this, its striking a deeper chord in me.