Break Shallowness

I am frustrated with living an average life. For a while now, I have been feeling like except for a few most of my friends, my relationships are lacking energy, like the engine missing from a car. People always look to me as the guy who has all the friends, but I don’t feel that’s true, I may have acquaintances, but I don’t have many true friends.

Part of that is my fault, not having much of time to commit to my friends, but recently God has been showing me that I need to commit to my friends and build closer relationships, because relationships are the only thing we take to heaven with us.

We live in a society where “how are you doing” should only receive a “fine” response as we walk by each other, we don’t have time to be real, to sit down and have a quality hour talk with someone randomly, and I feel we as a nation are suffering.

Many of us have a false mentality that we are in this alone in this world. We build our little fences and isolate ourselves from the rest of community, and we wonder why our lives fail. God tells us that it’s not ok for man to be alone. I have found the best way to form a strong friendship is just to be real, good and bad, be vulnerable, cry with them laugh with them, love them for who they are and commit to them. Those are easy words but sometimes so hard, because we are scared of rejection. We need real friends in our lives though if we are going to be effective in this world.