Trip to North Africa

I have the amazing opportunity to go and serve the people of Africa. The student group that I am a part of, NCM, is gathering eager students together for a missions trip to North Africa.

We plan to teach the local children important skills that will better them and their family. We also have a heart to share bible stories with the kids through verbal communication and dramas. At break time we will be reading a story from the bible to the children and then I will take a group who are willing to learn and act it out like a drama, we feel that this will put the stories of Jesus deep within their hearts.

We will be spending the late nights on the streets praying and looking for locals to invite to food, have them practice English with, and  just engage in relationships, all of which will be avenues to share the Gospel. Again, please, pray, pray, pray while we are there.

The estimated cost of the trip is around 2800 dollars with vaccinations. I have been saving for this for some time now and have 300 dollars so far. I will probably be able to save more before then but I still need help. I started this group to simply get the word out about what I am doing and offer you the opportunity to partner with me, be it with finances and/or with prayer.