Africa Blog – Acclimating

AfricaIts been two days since we landed in Africa and we have been on the go ever since. It is very hot here and we can not get enough water. Luckily our flat has air conditioning which I think is kinda cheating, but it does provide relief at night. Having air conditioning is both a blessing and a curse because it is hard to get out in the day. Luckily these first two days have been tourist days while we are conditioning ourselves to the climate.

Even though we were able to see many amazing wonders (and take lots of pictures) we were still able to meet people to share Jesus with. We met the leaders of the school we will be working at in a couple days and had a chance to meet some locals to hopefully hook up with at night.

Pray for divine appointments, pray for protection, pray for healing as one of our team members foot has something growing, its probably nothing, but cant be too safe. Just pray for the Lord to move through us, it is hot and we have to constantly be in prayer and remind ourselves why we are here.