Ninety-Nine: The number

It is interesting how the most mundane things in the world can invoke emotions in people lives, like someone’s smile, or a song, or even just a thought.

On December 25, 1999, I remember thinking more about the main character of Ninety-Nine the as I rode in the back of my friends car. What would happen if there was a recurring symbol in her life that when she sees it, it pierces down giving her a glimpse of emotion that has been hidden behind layers of hurt.

Interesting… Should it be a song? Or a symbol?

Then I looked out the window at the the old style houses Erie PA, hidden behind a meridian of trees. Every once and awhile the street address pushed through the sea of green. That was it, a number! It could be anywhere, on a street address, on a piece of paper, or a licence plate.

It was perfect, I remembered when I was younger every time I say the time 10:10 we would say a wish and to this day that number means a lot to me, there are movies out there that play on the mysteries of numbers, like the movie 23 with Jim Carrey, or Pi using the number 3.14, then of course from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy we know that the meaning of life the universe and everything is 42.

I remember my mom saying that the number she sees everywhere is 33, she lives at 1333, her phone number ends in 33, everytime she sees 33 it speaks to her.

My mom mom’s number is 33, So why not make the main characters number could be 99, after the year the book began, 1999.