The Prophetic Airbag Label by Jennifer Owen

This is a revelation that my friend Jennifer Owen had by reading an Airbag label in her car. First I will post the original label and then replace the words to make the message come alive 🙂

“You could be more seriously injured in a COLLISION if you rely on the AIRBAG alone for restraint. Wear your SEATBELT even though you have an AIRBAG. Being too close to the STEERING WHEEL during the AIRBAG deployment could cause serious injury. AIRBAGS need room to inflate. So instead, sit back comfortably during a COLLISION, extending your arms to the STEERING WHEEL.”

COLLISION = Trials in our life
AIRBAG = Gods favor, his gifts, money, and friends
STEERING WHEEL = Trying to control our own lives

Now here is the label again with those additions.

“You could be more seriously injured in a TRIAL if you rely on GODS FAVOR alone for restraint. Wear JESUS even though you have GODS FAVOR”

(Gods favor on our life is not good enough, being rich is not good enough, having friends is not good enough, even though we are blessed we still need to wear Jesus, and be in relationship with him because with favor alone we have nothing, but with Jesus we are protected, even when favor leaves)

“Being too close to the CONTROL in your life during the deployment of GODS FAVOR could cause serious injury, GODS FAVOR needs room to inflate. So instead, Sit back comfortably during a TRIAL extending your arm to the CONTROL.”

(If we hold onto our own life too tightly, thinking that we are in control of it then we are quenching Gods favor when it deploys and it will injure us, we need to relax, sit back, extend our arms giving God the control of our life and give his favor room to deploy in our life)

Jennifer was worshipping God in the car and was looking up and read this label and god revealed to her truths through this.


    • E. C. Haxby on January 12, 2011 at 5:41 am

    Love it! It’s awesome how God speaks in unexpected ways when we are hungry.

    • Mary on January 20, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Jen told me about this! I love how God speaks to us through the most mundane things!

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