Lifestyle of an Overcomer.

Why do some people seem to have an easy life while others struggle?

There are those who seem to be showered with favor, while others seem to fight for everything they have.

They fail over and over again.
They fall down, get back up, and fall again.
Once an enemy is defeated in one area, it often seems another enemy is waiting to attack somewhere else.

Unfortunately, God does not guarantee us simple lives. Throughout the bible, we find people struggling and failing. The key is to not be distracted by our failure but instead, realize that with Christ, the enemy has already been defeated. God has given us armor to defend every attack. We only fail when we don’t realize it.

John 8:32 states we will know the truth and the truth will make us free. This implys truth alone does not make us free – only the truth that we know will make us free.

We are told that we will triumph by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony, and that testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Revelation 1:9 and 19:10)

When we overcome, we not only gain victory for ourselves, but also earn the right to speak our victory as living prophecy into others. In addition, our entire family line will receive blessings from our victories for a thousand generations just like we are blessed because of our family members before us. (Exodus 20:6)

So let us be encouraged to know that Jesus has all the tools to defeat the enemy. Let us make a stand for victory, not just for ourselves, but also for our family line and everyone around us. Let us not focus on our past, but turn our attention on what God can do through us for others as we choose him.


    • Autumn on July 14, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Sounds like you got some breakthrough Jess. I am still praying for you. Love you!

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