Ninety-Nine: The right fit

I’m a community focused person. In my opinion, most activities are better experienced with other people, including writing. With Ninety Nine, I’d bounce ideas off my friends and family as it formed in my head. I’d say it was just collaborating, but honesty I knew it was a story I couldn’t write on my own. I needed someone who would be open enough to add their story to the idea that was forming.

From the beginning, I knew Ninety-Nine would be from the perspective of a broken girl. which I have no experience. I tried to do research by asking my female friends personal questions about their past and hoping some of them would share with me their journals, no luck. I even went on Xenga blog site looking for broken teenage girls blogs, and felt really uncomfortable.

When I stood in Elisheba’s kitchen in July 2010 I did not realize that she would be the right fit. But when she came into the room and mentioned that she felt God telling her that she was to journal more and that she felt it might be turned into a book, I felt God answer my prayers.

Up until then I was desperate to team up with someone, much like I was trying to find a mate. I even began plotting the story with others but nothing took root. It’s much like love, you get confused and think you feel it, but then all a suddon you feel it and then it all become clear. That’s how it was with ninety nine, many years of searching with God, then one day in the kitchen it all became clear.