Advocate: New writing

Amanda and I skyped yesterday about the book we are working on named Advocate.

We talked about how she could not stop writing and thinking about it, but realized that sharing our work is scary. It is scary, when we write it is a piece of us that just came out and its slimy and gross, but beautiful at the same time.

New writing is like a new baby, beautiful not because of what it is, but because of what it has the potential to be. So often we get stuck keeping our baby in and letting it die. Its vastly important to get it out as quick as possible so it can experience the world and grow.

At first we only let close friends and family see it and let them clean it up a little bit, but then we invite our extended friends come over and admire how cute our baby looks. We then will spend the rest of our life growing it up until eventually it leave our house, and once its with the publishers its outside our hands.

Thats would be a great and terrible day.