Ninety-Nine: Birthday gift

Last year on april 10th, Elisheba’s birthday, we met to finish the last part of our manuscript nintey- nine. Behind Elisheba’s back, I had a surprise party planned in celebration of her birthday and the first big milestone of our book. We invited our friends over and basked in the satisfaction of the completion and the excitement of the next phase of our journey.

Now 14 months later we celebrate another milestone, and surprisingly enough, today is my birthday. Yesterday we finished our submission package to agents and publishers and today we plan on finalizing it and sending it off.

God is good. This whole time we felt like we were partnering with him and His book and would constantly release it into his hands. It seems so fitting however that he would confirm our partnership by giving it back to us as a gift on the days of great importance.
Birthdays are meant for celebrations,  to honor the people in your life that mean so much to you with time and gifts. I appreciate my friends, but they will always fall short compared with the glory of walking with God in his calling for my life.

Today I received a wonderful gift, the gift of knowing God is with us in this process and that He is proud of our book.