Spiritual PSI

My friend Derek and I went for a bike ride last summer.

We were to meet up at a restaurant about 5 miles from my house, eat some food and then start our ride. So I gave him a call to confirm, got on my bike, and rode to our spot. It remember it was windy and challenging, but i knew that even though I have been biking all summer I was still quite out of shape. I prayed for strength, pushed through and made it to the restaurant tired and breathless.

When Derek arrived we had food and then got on our bikes to ride. I went first and he followed. After a minute he called out “hey dude is your tire flat?”. I looked down, unaware if he was right or not. We made our way to the gas station and pumped both tires full of a significant amount of air. After that the bike ride was dramatically easier.

How many of us have became accustomed with something less than the best in our own lives? Like me riding on a flat tire, it seemed right because the air had slowly deflated and i hadn’t even noticed until i had someone point it out.

That is how sin is. It is a gradual deflating that gets us to a point of depression to where normal acts are exhaustive. We need to let people speak into our lives when we are down so we can re inflate ourselves. Because living life with inflated tires is much easier.