Letting go

Yesterday I was going through brainstorming and writing different novels, looking for leads for magazine writing, and forming my website and just became overwhelmed.

What used to be given to God for worship became stressful, fast paced, and overwhelming.
I had this pain of overwhelmingness that i am turning 30 and haven’t been successful as a writer yet, haven’t had my break.

Then i realized that the last couple years God has been melting away the things I find identity in and the last thing that I have been holding to is my writing. God has been focusing on bringing me to a point of intimacy with him and I want to go deeper in him. I am still going to write since that is my hearts cry, but I want it to be rooted in him first and write out of my abundance.

I feel this next season is to focus on worship and intimacy with him. about seeking his face and sacrificing to him the writing and the success that i am seeking. I need to focus on letting Him into my life. I want my writing to be an outpouring of my intimacy with the father.

I sacrifice my time to you father, my gift to you, and my heart to you.