Is the Church Irrevelant

I am unhappy that Obama got reelected.

This is not a political post, actually the opposite. I am unhappy Obama got elected, but its less about him and more about us and the role of the church. Let me expound.

The three demographics he won overwhelmingly in were young voters 18-25, Black minorities, and single women who had abortions.

I don’t “Blame” anyone for electing a man who could bring identity and honor to those three groups, I “Blame” the church for leaving that role to fall to the government.

I think church needs to be relevant. I am not saying we need to morally ambiguous, but we need to give young people, Black minorities, and single women a voice.

I don’t know why young people voted for Obama, but I can only guess its because they felt the other side was out of touch with their values, Blacks perhaps got tired of seeing their only role models be “The Jeffersons” and wanted a powerful person to represent them, and young women were probably sick of being judged for having abortions and given no power from the other side and chose someone who would love them.

This is where I feel the church should be relevant.

We need to give young people a voice, we need to promote powerful black people in the church, and we need to come alongside women struggling with abortions and loving them through it.

I am excited for the good things Obama can bring to the minority groups desperately wanting a voice, but I am sad the church wasn’t offering it enough that they could elect a president that gives them a voice AND stands for biblical principals.