Italy – Day 1


I missed my flight by 5 mins.

My flight into San Francisco from Eugene was delayed by 1 hour because get this, they forgot the fuel.

Who forgets the fuel?

So we finally lifted off and right before landing, we heard that we might have to hold in the air because of fog. Luckily we were given clearance to land because we were, yes running low on fuel and about to crash into a mountain.

So they let us land, thank you San Fran.

I ran to the shuttle and actually almost made it to my destination, but as I was approaching my gate, I saw my plane leaving. To whoever bawls at long layovers, don’t. They are much better than having to change your flight and then having even longer layovers.

The flight to Germany was seemless after that, then another jump inside Germany, and finally into Italy 25 hours later. Luke and I enjoyed the best praschudo, wine, and pistachio pizza that night and then I immediately crashed.