Italy – Street food


Today we went to the market in Catania. After driving for almost two hours in quite chaotic traffic trying to find the market, we happened to look down one of the side streets to see some vendors. We Parked, paid for our pass and entered the throngs of foreigners and locals haggling. I took a video and a couple pictures if the various produce, they looked edible and possibly delicious, but being in the open air sorrounded by pigeons and questionable health standard I decided to not buy any.

We made our way through the droids to the nut and pastry vendors, I did purchase a couple chocolate cookies, that were quite good, dark with a hint of ginger. As I was eating the last one, Luke led me to the slaughterhouse that was lined with fish bodies and skinned animals, some full and some in pieces. I quickly scarfed my last cookie to avoid puking. I would have turned around, but I told myself that I missed Halloween in the states, so I guess this was my haunted house. As I trudged through the blood stained floors, I encountered a vendor who offered to sell me something from his bucket of mystery flesh. Of course I said no, finding it comical how hard it would be to sell food to someone that is nearly puking all over you.


After my stomach settled, we decided we were hungry. Luke grabbed a Kabob, but I said I actually really wanted some street food. Then like an angel reading my thoughts, a very attractive, spicy, Italian lady handed me a pamphlet for a restaurant called ‘street food’. It was a sign. She asked if I had a local companion to help me find it, I said no but I think ill do. Later, I realized, she may have been proposing to me. So after eating the best street food of tomatoes and potatoes, and zucchini, I went back to try to find her, “just to thank her for the good suggestion” no such luck. No matter, we enjoyed our food, grabbed some more geletti, and trekked back home.