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An Entire Team Of Teenage Football Players Showing Grace

Is forgiveness enough?

What if we supported our leaders?

Over the years we as a nation seemed to find ways to criticize our presidents for their shortcomings. Bill Clinton was criticized for being too sexual, George Bush was criticized for being too dumb and a bit of warmonger, And now Obama is criticized for being too young and inexperienced. We can always find ways …

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On July 4th 1776, America realized its independence. We as a nation matured to a point that we decided that our ideals should be separate from our governing nations. For the first time in many years of battling, we were faced with the exhilarating truth that we can exist outside of England and live as …

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What if our Shield of Faith is too small?

During the time of Rome, the legionaries were prized warriors, fearless and versatile, a formidable opponent to all that opposed Rome. In addition to their strong weapons, they would each equip a long 4-foot by two and half foot shield in which to protect themselves from flaming arrows intended weaken the battle lines. Like the …

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Lifestyle of an Overcomer.

Why do some people seem to have an easy life while others struggle? There are those who seem to be showered with favor, while others seem to fight for everything they have. They fail over and over again. They fall down, get back up, and fall again. Once an enemy is defeated in one area, it often …

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Are you under siege?

Inspired Pastor Joshua Rivas, Christ’s Center Church. (Published in LIVE magazine, January 2014) In 1941, Hitler set out to conquer Russia in his campaign for fascism. The German army was mobilized to take the city of Leningrad and then attempt to defeat Moscow, in their strategic assault against the Soviet Union. On September 8th 1941, …

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The Upward Spiral

How many times have we felt like we live our lives from one spiritual high to the next? At times touching the heart of God, and other times living for ourselves? There are times we have moments of clarity, revival conferences, church camps, or just fantastic mornings. In these times, we feel that nothing can …

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