Target Audience: Women ages 20-35
Co-written with Elisheba Christy
Status: Manuscript Complete. Currently in editing process.

What is the meaning of a number? For most people, numbers are nothing more than units to tell time, to track finances, or build math problems, but for Tamara Jensen, numbers mean so much more. Why? Because to her, the number 99 is alive.

At one moment, 99 seems to be one step ahead, leading her to the new beginning she needs, and the next it seems to be behind her, trapping her into the dead end streets of her past. She can’t ignore it means something, but is it a symbol of hope? Or a constant bringer of pain? Either way, whether she likes it or not, her life is centered around figuring it out.

Fruit of the Spirit

Target Audience: Adult Christians Age 20-40
Status: Currently plotting and writing

This short book will offer practical ways to grow in the fruit of the spirit. I have scoured the bible and found lists of scriptures on each fruit and have listed them. I will offer teaching, encouragement, and questions.

(Collaboration Accepted!)  I am mainly looking for testimonials, thoughts on the scriptures, and ideas for applicable ways to increase fruit in our lives. Feel free to click and add your comments or writings to the appropriate section

King-and-princessI wont be very far

Target Audience: Children age 3-7
Illustrated by Tyler Seaborn
Status: Manuscript Complete. Currently editing and Illustrating.

Theodore was a kind and loving king, always caring and always generous. The people of his kingdom loved him very much, and in return he loved his people. There was however one person that he loved more than anyone else, someone who won his heart, his baby daughter Tenara. She was his only child, and … Continue reading full manuscript »